Tuesday, 13 October 2009


The new Rocky Ad- 'Rocky tastes great with elbow space'

A great ad;

It's not over complicated and not tyring to be anything it's not.

It's actually funny.

It makes me want a Rocky.

This ad is screaming out creatives taking their own route- going agains market research, that ultimately would point to value, health and bla bla bla. They have simply pumped out a decent ad without trying to be too clever- great.

You tube it- it will make you laugh in all its simplicity.

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  1. I agree sadadlad,

    I saw these ads on paper over the summer at my placement and couldnt wait for them to come out as i found them really funny. Expect some more creatives of the same style and also some really good press later on in the campaign.

    you should check out the website aswell www.bbab.org.uk, mainly because my ideas that i pitched for it i have been used but also because it genuinely is quite entertaining.

    Although i found the creatives funny from the first time i saw them, i questioned whether the whole British Biscuit Advisory Board idea would work. However, if you have a look at the press they created, including appearing on jonathan ross you would have to admit that they have succeeded.

    all in all a nice campaign and one that i believe has still got some legs in it.