Friday, 16 October 2009

New Cadbury's Ad

Obviously following the 'buzz' from the Gorilla and Eye brows, this ad was always going to go by fairly un-noticed. It probably worthwhile taking a step down from trying to constantly create hype, to prevent wear out- being out of the spotlight for a short while may well help the next campaign be all the more attention grabbing.

But I can't help but feel Cadbury's have missed a trick with the current ad- the fair trade African Village dance- it's got a cracking tune behind it- but that tune could have been a massive summer anthem- giving the brand association for that period- however, it just seems to fade into the background as Winter draws in. For me- I think they came up with a nice idea, and rushed it... they should of held back had some patience and released it in the summer.

Nevertheless it's a decent enough ad that brings I smile to your face... Fallon, keep up the good work!

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