Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Jingle is so 2009

The new 'Go Compare' advert:

Everyone I speak to says it's probably one of the least funny, most annoying and worst adverts out at the moment- and for me it would be easy to agree.

This is the websites hit back at the enormous success of compare the markets use of 'The MeerKats- OK so their shouting pretty loud, taking the mick out of themselves and their rather un-catchy name. So what do Go Compare hit back with- a jingle- and yes this is not local radio or 1995, this is now and a rather expensive TV campaign.

But the strange thing is- Ultimately it is a fantastic advert.

I use comparison websites- admittedly they are great, easy and save you wonga. Where do I and most people find their comparison websites- they go straight onto Google. Now all I have had in my head for about 2 weeks, rather annoyingly is, Go Compare, Go Compare, Go Compare in my very best opera voice. So when I go to google ready to compare some insurance- what will be the first thing that comes into my head- you guessed it- Go Compare.

The jingle is back- beware- there is more to come.

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