Saturday, 17 October 2009

McDonalds Breakfast

This advert demonstrates how the target audience, young professionals (typically commuters) can relate to the slice of life. The idea is for the target to recognise them self in the advert (tired, hungry, and de-motivated) and identify McDonalds as the solution to a problem (tiredness- coffee, hunger- breakfast). The advert used comedy to help the message fight through noise, but it’s real success lies in its ability to completely separate itself from the other McDonalds communication; in particular the healthy aspect/ and kids meals- this is achieved in the slice of life by an earlier time setting – i.e. 6a.m. therefore a time when families are not the target.

A great example of how McDonalds can reach a broad target. One consumer will belong to a variety of sub groups, and yet the advert achieves tailored, tight targeting and yet remains integrated (a difficult task) through the use of logo and colour (red and yellow); they have recognised different people eat McDonalds for different reasons; brilliant account planning.

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