Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Brand engagement- not as easy as it seems...

So every brand now knows it's not always about sales, but about engagement. Consumers need to feel involved with the brand, so that ultimately they become loyal to that brand. However, as hard as advertising may try, sometimes it simply is not at the right level.

The latest example that springs to mind is Kingsmill and their 'bread confessions'. OK, alright idea, nice use of "slice" (excuse the pun) of life, and the advert works fairly well. However, getting consumers to engage online by printing their bread confessions all sounds great in an agencies board room- but are people really on their engaging with the brand or are they there to try and win £250 by making up a few sentences and leaving the website as fast as they possibly can. I reckon so.

As to sand-which route seems best for the panic struck bread manufacturers in the weight of budget brands offering the same in a now price aware world- Hovis wins it for me- the use of nostalgia- simple advertising at its best. No drive on marketing spiel, just simple ads. As the wintry nights draw in, when I'm at home, I'll be making my sandwiches with Hovis, because of the warm feeling of nostalgia it will bring. Well honestly I won't as I'm a poor student on Asda smart price- but I'd like to think I would if I could!

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