Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Has advertising peaked?

My goodness, toucans, seals, ostriches, lions, all roped in to remind the faithful that it's a lovely day for a Guinness. Guinness has long since been told that it can't claim it's good for you, but the slogan "Guinness is good for you" – as well as "My goodness my Guinness", "Guinness is strength" and "Lovely day for a Guinness" – remains among the most famous of all time, along with the animal illustrations which accompanied the 1930s ads, drawn by the illustrator John Gilroy. Guinness paraphernalia from the period is still highly collectable.

But ultimately Guinness was responsible for THE most groundbreaking campaign in 1999 with the Surfer advert. A team of white horses are seen galloping through the surf to the beats of Leftfield, while a Polynesian surfer looks on. The idea being that good things come to those who wait – Guinness takes a long time to pour. The question now is how long will we wait for it to be bettered?

But now post world economic doom and gloom, will advertisers ever reach the dizzy heights of 'that ad'- or will the insistence of social networking, increased strategy and planning and you tube 'viral' supposedly being the only way the youth of today can be reached (hmmm) mean there will never be the budget to create the one TV ad that can topple the Guinness great? not looking great...

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