Saturday, 7 November 2009

Stella 4%

Stella Artois 4% created a world that the 4% drinker could aspire to, integrating all available marketing tools provided the consumer with a ‘brand world’. Smoothness is a well-worn product benefit, but a smooth world spread across communication effort, is something different. By creating a smooth 60’s ‘to catch a thief’ vibe the brand was given instant authenticity. A world of smooth characters living smooth lifestyles, planning smooth escapades was spread across TV, print, outdoor and online.

Communication covered all aspects of this new world and differentiated from their crowded market while avoiding cannibalisation. Stella coaxed Robert McGinnis (painted original movie posters for Doctor No and Breakfast at Tiffany’s) out of retirement to paint two new images of the 60s Riviera lifestyle for launch billboard posters as visual introductions to the new world. Riviera landscapes hand-painted in the style of 60s movie posters appeared in relevant press.

The launch TV ad introduced the 60s Riviera lifestyle through a tale of mistaken identity by a rooftop swimming pool. Online was a world of ‘smooth’ games and interactive features.

With integration the campaign went from a confusing ad to taking consumers on a journey; a brave strategy, highlighting great planning.

What’s more is Stella 4 is probably the nicest tasting beer I’ve ever had… truly smooth…

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